Project People

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A/Prof Gregory Nolan

Dr David Blackburn Rob McGavin

Semi Dranibaka

Sairusi Bulai


Project Partners 

{slide= Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR)|closed}

ACIAR is an Australian Government statutory authority that operates as part of Australia's Aid Program within the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It contributes to the aid program objectives of advancing Australia's national interest through poverty reduction and sustainable development. 

{slide=Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF), Queensland, Australia }

DAF is a world leader in tropical and sub-tropical forest and timber research and provides technology transfer solutions across the fibre value-chain. Its research portfolio is focused on key areas that build a sustainable forestry industry, reflect the needs of local and regional communities and a thriving environment and stimulate private investment.

{slide=Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) (Partner Countries Coordination)}

SPC works in partnership with its members, other organisations and donors to deliver priority work programs to member countries and territories. SPC’s work programs aim to develop technical assistance; professional, scientific and research support; planning and management capability. Its vision for the region is that of a secure and prosperous Pacific Community, whose people are healthy and manage their resources in an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable way.

SPC’s role in the project is to provide an administrative contact for the partner countries. SPC also maintains laboratories at Nabua, Suva.

{slide=Coconut Industry Development Authority (CIDA) Partner Country Coordination, Fiji}

CIDA's vision is to reinstate the coconut industry as a significant Fijian business. The Authority has a network of over 20,000 registered coconut palm growers and has invested significant funds into a pilot scale cocowood processing facility on behalf of the government of Fiji. 

CIDA's role in the project will be to arrange the supply of palm stems for testing and provide access to its pilot plant facility. CIDA will contribute to a resource survey and a socio-economic analysis of cocowood improvement in Fiji.

{slide=Ministry of Fisheries and Forests, Department of Forests, Fiji (Partner Country Collaborating Organisation)}

The Ministry is responsible for the sustainable development and management of the Fisheries and Forestry resource and the industry it supports. The Ministry’s vision is to become the leading sector in Fiji socio-economic development and growth and that resource owners are adequately and equitably renumerated.

The role of the Ministry’s Forestry Department in the project is to provide facilities and technical expertise in a number of ways. The Department operates a small sawmill, a workshop and a vacuum-pressure timber treatment plant at Nasinu (Suva). Potentially, the Department’s use of satellite imagery for the native forest resource inventory can be extended to include the coconut wood resource. MAFF also maintains laboratories near Nausori, north of Suva. 

{slide=Ministry of Natural Resources, Environment and Meteorology, Forestry Division, Samoa (Partner Country Collaborating Organisation)} 

The Forestry Division’s objective is to achieve sustainable development and management for Samoa’s forest resources. Among the Division’s programs currently being implemented are: Managing native forests by applying best sustainable logging practices; managing existing and new National Parks; establishing new farmers community woodlots; establishing new plantings and managing State Forest plantations. More information can be found on the website for the Government of Samoa

The Forestry Division will provide access to coconut palm plantations, contribute to a resource survey and a socio-economic analysis of cocowood improvement in Samoa. 

{slide=Strickland Brothers Ltd (Partner Country Coordination, Samoa)}

Based in Samoa, Strickland Brothers core business is to supply excellent quality timber, hardware and furniture. The company aims to invest in cocowood processing technologies which will contribute to profitable internal and external markets.